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Specialist in East German Trade Union revenue stamps

FDGB on East German Postage stamps

All on first day covers and with SG numbers

Cruise Liners - 23 June 1960

SG E501 5pf slate, red and olive-yellow - Launching of Cruise Liner Fritz Heckert

SG E502 10pf + 5pf black, red, and yellow - Liner under construction at Wismar

SG E503 20pf + 10pf black, red, and blue - Liner off Stubbenkammer

SG E504 25pf black. yellow nad cobalt

20th Anniversary of the FDGB - 10 June 1965

SG E833 20pf gold and red - 20th Anniversary of the FDGB

SG E834 25pf black, new blue and gold - Workers of "two hemispheres"

7th FDGB congress - 25 April 1968

SG E1087 10pf multicoloured - Fritz Heckert

SG E1088 20pf multicoloured - Young workers and new tenements

25th Anniversary of the FDGB - 9 June 1970

SG E1298 20pf red and yellow - Fritz Heckert medal

SG E1298 20pf red and blue - F.S.M. Emblem

8th FDGB congress - 24 May 1972

These stamps were issued together se-tenant with an intervening inscribed label

SG E1479 10pf deep magenta, red-orange and ochre - Steel workers

SG E1480 35pf bright blue and ochre - Students

30th Anniversary of the FDGB - 10 June 1975

SG E1769 20pf multicoloured - Construction workers

9th FDGB congress - 3 May 1977

SG E1934 20pf multicoloured - Three flags

10th FDGB congress - 20 April 1982

SG E2407 10pf black bright scarlet and brt lemon - "Mother with Child" (Walter Womacka)

SG E2408 20pf multicoloured - "Discussion by Collective of Innovators" (Willi Neubert)

SG E2409 25pf multicoloured - "Young couple" (Karl-Heinz Jakob)

40th Anniversary of the FDGB 11 June 1985

SG E2661 20pf multicoloured - "40" and Emblem

11th FDGB congress - 24 March 1987

These stamps were issued together se-tenant with intervening half stamp-size inscribed label

SG E2792 20pf multicoloured - Construction Industry

SG E2793 50pf multicoloured - Construction Industry