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Specialist in East German Trade Union revenue stamps

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Welcome to FDGBman
The online galleries for FDGB Trade Union Revenue Stamps

When I first started to collect FDGB revenues I could not find any online resources to help me so I have set up FDGBman to help fill that gap.
I have listed all the FDGB stamps that I know to exist, but new additions are made as I discover them and I am sure there are many more "finds" to come.
I hope that you find it useful and feel free to email me with any questions or to correct any mistakes.

Many of the stamps on this site can be bought from me, check out my ebay listings where I will list FDGB stamps, books and other DDR union stamps as well as German postage stamps, covers etc.

All catalogue numbers are based on "Katalog der Beitrags und Spendenmarken des FDGB der SBZ/DDR" by Lutz A Schlegel, published by Martin Erler 1996 and its 1998 update.
But have been updated where necessary due to new issues found.

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